Can We Guess Your Level of Education Based on This Random Trivia?

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You might have answered some trivia questions on a road trip with some friends, but in this educational quiz, we're going to explore more about your intelligence level! Oh, and try not to use any textbooks or Google searches either!

Random trivia questions are a great way to gauge how intelligent a person really is. After all, such questions exercise various parts of the brain, so think of this quiz as training for your mind! And if you're not good with answering trivia questions, we'll give you a hint: try using context clues! Such clues are typically included in the question itself, so remember to read each question (and all of the answers) very carefully. You can also use the technique known as "process of elimination," which will show us how logical you really are. This method is used to get rid of any answers that you know are incorrect. If you can narrow your answers down from four to two, then you have a 50/50 chance at answering the question correctly! And if all else fails, try using your natural intuition to guide you (instead of logical techniques). So if you think you're a pretty educated person, try acing our random trivia quiz now!

There were many presidents of the United States, and we're confident that you'll know who our fourth president was! Do you?

China may be home to the world's largest population, but do you know what the capital of this country is?

Our solar system contains eight planets, but do you know which one is the sixth furthest from the sun?

Are you familiar with 24-hour military time (which may require a little bit of counting)? If so, can you tell us what 20:00 means?

Two variables are multiplied together to find the area of a rectangle. Can you tell us what those two variables are?

Silver is an element of the periodic table, but can you tell us which of these symbols (abbreviations) it matches to?

The human body contains many types of organs, but which of them is the largest?

The United States contains 50 states that vary in shapes and sizes. Which of the following states is the largest one?

It's time to dive deep into the ocean where many sea creatures live! One of these creatures is an octopus, but do you know what color its blood is?

Let's get a little bit colorful for a moment! You're probably familiar with your primary colors, so which of these colors does not belong with the rest?

How well do you know your U.S. geography? If you're an expert, can you tell us what state lies north of Kansas?

Walt Disney was known for many magical movies, but he had to start somewhere! Do you know what his first animated movie was?

The Declaration of Independence was signed by 56 people, but one of these famous figures didn't sign it. Can you spot him?

You're probably familiar with "The Scream," a famous painting that was created in 1893 by _____________.

Horoscopes are so yesterday, because today, we're going to focus on birthstones! Can you tell us what the birthstone of January is?

Jazz is a popular genre of music that has served as the basis for popular songs like "Fly Me to the Moon" by Frank Sinatra. Where was jazz created?

The Academy Awards dates back to 1929, where __________ was named the first Oscar winner for best picture.

If you want to embark on an epic road trip through the United States, try driving through the famous Route 66! Do you know what city Route 66 starts in?

Are you a master of vocabulary words? If so, you can probably match "altruism" to its proper synonym!

One of these "vegetables" is actually a fruit in disguise! Can you spot the culinary culprit in the list below?

Why call our planet "Earth" when we could just call it a "floating ball of water" since its surface is made up of _________ water?

If citrine means yellow and sapphire is blue, what color is associated with the amethyst stone?

The Great Lakes consists of five lakes that are located near states like Wisconsin, Michigan and Ohio. Which of these lakes is not one of the Great Lakes?

Harvard University is one of eight Ivy League schools that is considered to be very difficult to get into. Can you guess what state this school is located in?

"Pi Day" is a holiday that honors the first three digits of the symbol "pi." Do you know what date this particular holiday falls on?

There are four oceans on our planet but only one of them lies west of Australia. Do you know which one it is?

American football is a popular sport in the United States, but are you familiar with the first team that won the Superbowl?

Each of the 50 states is known for certain types of state flowers. Can you name the state flower of New York?

You've likely acquired some cash in the past, but can you guess whose face is on the US $10 bill?

You might have seen a rainbow at least once in your life, but which of these colors is not one of the colors of a rainbow?

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