Can We Guess Your Least Favorite Greek God?

Ian Fortey

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While there were only 12 main Olympians in the Greek pantheon, there was a lot more going on in the whole of Greek mythology. With the various demigods and assorted other not-quite-mortal characters, there are actually over 3,000 of them to choose from; 3,000 gods and goddesses and other beings who have immense, bizarre and enviable powers. Some use them wisely, some barely at all. But if there was one thing the Greeks did well with their mythology, it was to show you how power could be very misused. Many of those gods were basically horrible. Horrible to each other, and horrible to humanity. The lessons those stories taught were often cautionary ones, showing you what not to do. Greek gods, on the whole, are a ragtag group of shady individuals.

The stories from mythology have been told and retold for ages now. We even have a decent library of films based on them. No doubt you're familiar with Zeus and Hercules and Medusa. Some of these characters probably resonate with you, while others make you wonder what the heck was wrong with the people of Greece back in the day. Think we can guess which one of the many gods you like the least? Take the quiz and see!

It's a slow Friday night and we're watching some Netflix. What genre do you fancy?

Who's your favorite god from Greek mythology?

Let's take a walk through mythology for a sec. Which Norse god was your favorite?

Did you have a favorite Egyptian god?

Do you go out of your way to help others?

In a group situation, how should a leader be picked?

Which creature from Greek mythology seems the coolest?

Which of these superheroes do you feel is the most overrated?

If you were describing yourself in a job interview, what word would you use?

What are you most afraid of in life?

Where would you most like to spend a week if you could visit anywhere in the world?

What is your extreme sport of choice?

Which food do you find yourself craving the most?

If you're on a first date, what can the person do that will make you never want to date them again?

How many religions have you studied?

Are you more vegan or carnivore?

Have you ever struck someone in anger before?

Do you consider yourself smarter than most people?

If we opened your closet right now, what color would we see for the most part?

What's the most fun way to travel?

If you could travel back in time, what period would you head to?

Greek gods are all fine and good, but let's talk about Greek food. What's your favorite dish?

Do you feel like you have a temper or can you keep your anger in check?

So do you like to party?

How are you when it comes to matters of romance?

Can you hold your own in the kitchen or are your culinary skills subpar?

Do you consider yourself competitive at all?

Do you like spending time meeting new people?

Do you consider yourself religious or spiritual at all?

Greek gods and Roman gods have a lot in common. Who is your favorite Roman god?

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