Can We Guess Your Job Based on Your Harry Potter Preferences?

Ian Fortey

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It's hard not to find something to love in the world of Harry Potter. The story J.K. Rowling crafted is both simple and yet strangely complex in a way that makes it exciting and accessible for both kids and adults. It's not easy to pull off, but it really happened here and that's pretty cool. If you watch the movies you also get a sense that you're growing up along with these kids and learning right alongside them. it's something we can all relate to in one sense and yet, since it's such a fantastic and magical journey, it's also something crazy and brand new.

People love Harry Potter for a variety of reasons. It can appeal to you on all kinds of different levels and that's probably because all kinds of different people like it. The crazy thing is that the way you watch it and what you like about it can really say a lot about who you are as a person. Not just what you like about the movies and books but what kind of person you are. Maybe even what you do for a living. Sound crazy? Maybe even like magic? Well, why not take the quiz and see how good we are?

Let's say you're slipping behind in your work at Hogwarts. Anyone you want to copy your homework from?

Clearly, the world is a dangerous place. Who's going to do the best job teaching you Defense Against the Dark Arts?

The Sorting Hat just put you in Slytherin so maybe you're a little sinister. Who do you want to hang out with?

Hungry for some Every Flavor Beans? Pick one!

If you're a wizard you need a wand. What's going to be in the core of yours?

If you're at Hogwarts you're in a House. But what House will you be in?

Maybe Hogwarts is too far away to attend. Which one of these other schools would you go to?

If you have a fear of ghosts, then you may have an awkward time at Hogwarts. Which ghost would be the easiest to get used to?

Sure, no one wants to enslave a House Elf, but if you had to have one around, which one would you want?

There are lots of options for pets in the world of Harry Potter. What are you hanging out with?

Every student has one class they're better at than the others. What would be your class at Hogwarts?

Nobody likes a Death Eater, they're just bad news. Which one do you like the least?

What's a good spell to bust out in a pinch?

If you have a few days to study some dragons, you should pick your favorite and go on safari. What species sounds most interesting?

Newt Scamander had quite the list of fantastic beasts. Which one did you like the most?

Speaking of fantastic beasts, which one would you not want to mess with?

What's your position in Quidditch?

Who doesn't like the Weasleys? Pick your favorite one.

Some teachers at Hogwarts are better than others. Do you have a favorite?

A shopping trip to Diagon Alley sounds fun, right? Where will you go?

Who would be most likely to spend your time with at Hogwarts?

The kids at Hogwarts spend a lot of time being sneaky. What would you use in a pinch?

Which one of Hagrid's pets seemed the most interesting?

If you were planning a visit to Hogsmeade for the first time, where would you need to visit?

Aside from Harry, who do you think was the greatest hero of the series?

If you had to recommend another fantasy series for a "Harry Potter" fan, what would you recommend?

Obviously, you liked all the Harry Potter movies, but which one was best?

There are a number of supplemental stories to read if you love the Potterverse. Pick one!

What kind of wood would make the best wand?

It's potion time! What will you craft?

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