Can We Guess Your Job Based on Your Disney Preferences?

Jennifer Post

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About This Quiz

Disney World, Disneyland, Disney princesses and princes, Disney merchandise, The Disney Channel - there are so many Disney things to choose from! Which is great if you love Disney, but it can also be really difficult to figure out what you love more. Picking your favorite Disney princess gets harder as more are made official, and choosing your favorite classic or more current Disney movie is getting harder, too. But your Disney preferences do say a lot about you as a person, even if you are constantly changing your mind.

Disney was made to be the stuff of dreams, and Disney World a place you could go to when you wanted to escape reality and enter into a fantasy world full of bright colors, characters and all the wonder your heart can take. You may be wondering how we can tell what job you have solely based on your Disney preferences. But like before, those preferences can tell a lot about you. The foods you'd choose at Disney World, the movies you would rather see, the characters you want to interact with and the moments from your favorite childhood films are all telling. Take this quiz, pick your Disney preferences, and we'll guess your job!

Which Disney character do you identify with the most?

When you were a kid, what Disney plush toy were you snuggling up to?

How often did you go to Disney World as a child?

Which live action Disney film would you watch on a rainy day?

"Toy Story" was a big part of kids' lives. Which is your preferred one to watch?

Do you like Pixar movies better than pure Disney movies?

Did you ever dress up as a Disney character for Halloween?

Would you rather eat breakfast with Mickey Mouse or dinner with Minnie Mouse?

Did you watch the Disney Channel growing up?

Can you pick a Disney action figure you'd like to put on your desk?

Were you happy when Disney bought the rights to "Star Wars?"

Would you name your child after a Disney character?

Which Disney princess-inspired wedding gown would you wear for your big day?

Do you think that the messages in Disney movies are good for little kids?

What is your biggest takeaway from Disney as a whole?

Would you rather be friends with Olaf or Sven?

Do the hyenas creep you out?

Is Jasmine's tiger a good pet?

Would you ever leave your beloved toys with the mean neighborhood kid?

Was Flounder or Sebastian the better character?

Would you rather be able to fly like Dumbo, or have your nose grow when you lie like Pinocchio?

What do you think about the evil stepsisters?

Are you team Hannah Montana or Lizzie McGuire?

How many times did you watch the "Even Stevens" Movie?

Do you think the Disney sequels ever do the originals justice?

Do you know so much about Disney that you'd be able to win trivia about it?

Does a Disney themed wedding sound good to you?

Was Rapunzel brave or reckless for climbing down her hair out of the tower?

Is it fun to bring out your inner child with a Disney sing along?

What is your best Disney memory so far in your life?

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