Can We Guess Your Job Based on Your ’80s TV Preferences?

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The television landscape has changed a lot since the early days of black and white TV and only three channels to choose from. Back then, shows were broadcast live and commercials were an actual part of the show, with actors just turning to the camera and holding up the latest innovation in toothpaste or tobacco. Now you can watch TV on your phone while you take the bus to work and binge an entire season of a show like "Game of Thrones," which has a multi-million dollar budget. That's a heck of an evolution.

Nestled right in the middle of modern super TV and old school TV was the '80s. This was the decade that produced some of the most memorable sitcoms and dramas in TV history. Writers and actors were slowly starting to introduce some riskier plotlines and ideas that expanded the post-'70s TV landscape. It also created some of TV's most memorable characters, such as ALF, the A-team or Norm on "Cheers." What you liked and didn't like about TV in the '80s says a lot about who you are in life, believe it or not. We'll prove it: Tell us about your '80s TV preferences, we'll guess what you do for a living. Don't believe us? Take the quiz and see!

If you needed a good laugh, what '80s TV show was never going to let you down?

Suppose you were feeling a little more serious. What dramatic '80s show would keep you entertained?

Horror fans have tons to enjoy on TV these days, but it was a barren landscape in the '80s. What was the best horror show of that decade?

Maybe horror isn't your thing, what about sci-fi? Pick the best '80s science fiction!

Are you down with shows about law enforcement? What's your favorite '80s cop show?

Once the cops are done, the lawyers have to step in. Which show had the best legal action?

Sitcom families were front and center in the '80s. Which family did you want to be a part of?

Not every sitcom family was ideal. Which family would you have hated to be a part of?

If you were going to hang out for an evening -- maybe have dinner and catch a movie -- with a male from the world of '80s TV, who would it be?

Is there a woman from '80s TV you'd like to hang out with?

When you were a kid, what '80s kid would you have been friends with?

Who had the coolest pet in the '80s?

Not everyone on '80s TV was even human. Who was the coolest non-human character?

Any '80s sitcoms you just never found all that funny?

Ending a show is never easy. What '80s show had the worst ending?

Reboots are all the rage, with shows like "MacGyver" and "Full House" having a second life. What other '80s show should come back?

Not everyone likes a reboot. Which show should have stayed in the '80s?

There were a lot of heroic people in the '80s, but who would you want to have your back the most?

You had to have a sharp tongue to get a laugh in the '80s. Who could toss the zingers like a champ?

The '80s really perfect the "dumb" character. Who was the most lovable, if somewhat dim, character?

Sometimes it seems like a TV show is trolling you with annoying characters. Who was the most annoying of them all in the '80s?

Not that your own mom isn't awesome, but pick a sitcom mom that it would have been fun to have.

You have a mom picked out; now who's the best sitcom dad out there?

Do you think the '80s produced better dramas or comedies?

Have you ever binged any '80s shows from start to finish on Netflix or Hulu?

Ever watch any '80s shows just because you had a crush on one of the stars back in the day?

In the '80s, it was normal for sitcoms to do episodes with seriously heavy topics once in a while. Which show had the weirdest "very special" episodes?

In the '80s, there were spinoffs everywhere. Which spinoff series did you like the most?

Cartoons were huge in the '80s. Which show was the best of the best?

Just like live action shows, cartoons sometimes miss their mark. Pick the worst '80s cartoon.

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