Can We Guess Your Intelligence Type Based on This Word Association Test?

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About This Quiz

If you're expecting this quiz to determine your IQ, don't get your hopes up. Rather, this quiz will measure what type of intelligence you possess. There are nine types of intelligence; spacial, naturalist, musical, logical/mathematical, existential, interpersonal, bodily/kinesthetic, linguistic and interpersonal. Each one of these intelligence types focuses on things that the people who have that type of intelligence excel at. They don't measure ways of learning or IQ levels, but rather things like how you see the world, yourself, research and facts.

This scale of intelligence can be more useful than IQ tests because that will just give you a number out of a range, but it won't tell you where you strengths lie, so that you can focus on your weaknesses and try to attain more well-rounded intelligence. These intelligence types were developed in 1983 by development psychologist, Howard Gardener. Measuring intelligence this way can help those who struggle with math or science still feel like they are smart at other things, and not get down on themselves for not being "smart." Not everyone is good at equations and theories.

The words you recognize and how you relate them to other things can help identify which type of intelligence you possess. Take this word association quiz, and we'll guess your intelligence!

When you see the word "nature" what is the first thing you think of?

What does the word "smudge" remind you of?

How does the word "humor" make you feel?

Does any emotion arise when you see the word "candy"?

Are you turned off by the word "moist"?

Does the word "family" have any significance to you?

Where do you feel you see/hear the word "comfort" the most?

Think hard about the word "effort." What do you associate the word with?

Does the word "school" give you anxiety?

For a lot of people, the word "death" brings about a feeling of doom. Does it do the same for you?

In your mind, what is the word "harness" associated with?

Can you choose a word that best follows the word "morning"?

When I say "holiday" you say?

"Jail" makes you think of what?

Does the word "shopping" bring you joy?

The word "conflagration" is related to what other word/s?

Which antonym for the word "succubus" is the most appealing to you?

Of the words below, which one makes you think of the SAT?

How do you feel when you see the word "inspiration"?

When someone says they have a "present" for you, what do you say back?

The word "label" is to "package" as the word "hat" is to what?

Reading the word "memory" does what to your brain?

What does the word "baby" mean to you?

Is there another word that you associate with "unencumbered"?

Let's have some fun. How do the words "bounce house" make you feel?

You associate the word "wage" with "employment," but do you associate the word "happiness" with employment as well?

Do you associate the word "pillow" with the word "couch" or the word "bed"?

Moving forward in your life, will you assign a positive or negative connotation to the word "aging"?

When you feel like you are "thriving," to what area of your life are you usually referring?

Associate the emotion "content" with an action. Which action did you think of first?

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