Can We Guess Your Intelligence Type Based on These Yes or No Questions?

Teresa McGlothlin

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About This Quiz

After you answer a series of yes or no questions, we will be able to tell you the kind of intelligent you are. Obviously and because you're here, we know you are smart. We simply think it's fascinating to learn what type of smarts are your strongest. Some of you might be book smart, and some of you might be emotionally intelligent, but all of you have the opportunity to learn something about yourself. 

According to psychology, there are nine different types of intelligence. Luckily for you, we are not going to charge you by the hour or ask you to stretch out on our couch. Instead, we've determined that the most direct way to determines someone's strongest type of intelligence is to simply ask them yes or no. 

Without using a lot of words to explain your responses to our questions, we can see more clearly the unique way your brain works. After we tally up your answers, we will compare your traits to the traits held by each of the nine known intelligence types. While you might be able to find our types of intelligence in a textbook, we think you will find great insight into yourself. Or are you so intelligent we will be telling you something you already know? 

Have you read more than 12 books this year?

Do you have a current library card?

Would you enjoy going forest bathing?

Have you ever been described as a nerd?

Do you use a lot of curse words when you talk?

Do you enjoy building snowmen in the wintertime?

Would you enjoy spending a month abroad?

Would you consider going back to school?

Are you good at settling arguments?

Do you believe that dogs are superior to cats?

Do you believe that there's an afterlife?

Do you tell your best friend all of your secrets?

Do you pay attention to political events?

Do you enjoy trying new types of foods?

Would your coworkers describe you as predictable?

Do you know how to start a fire without matches?

Do you own a dictionary and a thesaurus?

Do you enjoy going to art museums?

Do you enjoy spending long periods of time alone?

Do you sleep with the television on?

Would you feel comfortable at a nude beach?

Are you strong enough to do 20 pushups?

Do you know what the word quidnunc means?

Would you enjoy working with small children?

Can you do long division in your head?

Did you ever receive detention in school?

Do you yell when you are angry?

Do you clean out your refrigerator at least once a month?

Could your workspace be described as organized?

Do you get nervous when you take tests?

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