Can We Guess Your Generation Based on Your Taste in Vintage Foods?

Emily Maggrett

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When we look back at the kind of foods that were trendy in the '40s, '50s and '60s, it's hard not to shake our heads. Sloppy joes taste just as gross as they sound, and Jello salad doesn't merely taste weird — it looks like crazy food from the future! What were chefs back then thinking?

As it turns out, while some of those food trends were inexplicable, others had their roots in very understandable circumstances — namely, World War II food rationing. Because the troops required so much fresh food, ingredients like milk, eggs, butter, fresh fruit and fresh vegetables were hard for ordinary cooks to come by. So they improvised, creating dishes based on canned or preserved foods. That's how stewed prunes, pineapple upside-down cake and creamed chipped beef were invented. 

Meat was scarce too, which is why dishes like liver and onions used to be so popular. If you can't get steak, liver starts looking pretty good! Later generations were less affected by these circumstances, which means that their taste in food differed widely from that of their parents or grandparents. Don't believe us? That's what this quiz is for. Tell us your opinion of a bunch of vintage foods and we'll accurately guess your generation!

How do you feel about Salisbury Steak?

If a friend invited you over for fondue, would you actually go?

Some older people like a boiled tomato with breakfast. Would you be willing to try this?

Pâté: yum or yuck?

When's the last time you had a broiled trout?

Believe it or not, Americans used to eat a lot more frogs' legs ... they're all over menus from the '30s, '40s and '50s. Are you down with this amphibian treat?

Chicken and dumplings: delicious winter meal or carb-loaded nightmare?

In the mood for a light lunch? How about a bowl of cottage cheese with pineapple chunks?

Could we tempt you with a plate of liver and onions?

Here are some definitions of Chicken à la King. Three are false. Can you guess the correct choice?

During the holiday season, do you enjoy eating cheese logs?

Let's talk veal. Is it ethical to savor this tasty treat?

Jello salad: a great way to jazz up salad or the world's worst side dish?

Do you remember microwaving TV dinners? Does it make you feel nostalgic, or are you glad those days are over?

Have you ever eaten a Wonderbread and bologna sandwich?

Is pineapple upside-down cake ... actually good?

When someone shows up with a tray of deviled eggs, do you say "yay!" or "nay"?

Could you go for a meatloaf sandwich right about now?

They say roasted bone marrow is very good for you. Is that fact enough to make you want to try it?

Are you sad that lamb chops have gone out of fashion?

Care for some corned beef hash?

Many grandmas believe in adding cream of mushroom soup to everything. Do you?

Would an egg salad sandwich satisfy your palate?

Do you even KNOW what "creamed chipped beef" is?

Imagine that you're attending a dinner party at Julia Child's house. She brings out a platter of broiled tongue with Madeira sauce. What do you do?

Have you ever bought canned fruit cocktail on purpose?

When meat was more expensive, folks used to eat a lot more fried sweetbreads (also known as organ meat). Would you be willing to eat this thrifty protein?

Are prunes underrated?

Should we bring egg creams back?

Your new neighbor welcomes you to the block with a Spam casserole. You think ... ?

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