Quiz: Can We Guess Your Forever Favorite Color?
Can We Guess Your Forever Favorite Color?
By: Jennifer Post
Image: Pixabay / Myriams-Fotos

About This Quiz

There is a whole field of science dedicated to studying colors. Colorimetry is the science that studies the human perception of color,  so it doesn't study the colors themselves, but more how each person sees color, and how colors as a whole are meant to be seen. 

Did you know that there's also a philosophy of color that deals with the dispute of color realism and color fictionalism? There is! The theories of color basically try to determine whether colors are the physical properties of objects, or if they are their own thing with their own properties. 

That was a lot of science! Ready for the fun part of color? There are hundreds, if not thousands, of colors and they range from Alien Armpit to Zomp. That isn't even including the Crayola colors, which all have their own names and categories like fluorescent colors, metallic, gemstone colors and so on. 

So how does someone pick their favorite color? And especially how does someone choose their forever favorite color? What is it that draws people to certain colors that they want to enjoy as often as possible for the rest of their life? These are all great questions, and we bet we can guess your forever favorite color just by you taking this quiz!

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Just like there are many colors, there are many weather conditions. What type of weather do you like the best?

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What do you value most in life?

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If you had to assign a color to your friendship with your best friend, what color would you choose?

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When you pick a new sports team to like, do you choose based on the team colors?

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Do you like to drink your coffee light in color from milk, or dark as nature intended?

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Is there a color that you identify with the emotion "happy?"

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When you're drinking wine, what color do you prefer?

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What color was your bedroom growing up?

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