Can We Guess Your Favorite Song About Trucks?

Zoe Samuel

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About This Quiz

Ever since they supplanted horses as the cowboy's favorite method of transport, everyone loves a truck, and people have been singing about them all that time. Can we guess which song you've been singing along with?

What's Friday night for?

Jesus: friend or foe?

Have you ever been in love?

Ever thought about having kids?

What's your take on drinking and driving?

Which state suits you?

What's up with hillbillies?

Does your truck ever know the touch of mud?

Do you love a good ballad?

What about a sexy beat?

Besides the singer of your favorite song, who else do you like?

What non-truck transport do you like?

What kind of truck would you buy?

Have you ever done it in the back of a truck?

Are you nostalgic for a more wholesome time?

Are you drunk right now? Be honest!

Do you curse?

Do you like to partaaaaayyy?

How's your love life right now?

What do you call a small waterway?

What accessories does your truck have?

What snack do you want?

Where do you like to drink?

How do you feel about rhymes?

Farm or town?

Are you all grown up?

Who's the special lady in your life?

What's the dress code?

What's your job?

What's your river?

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