Can We Guess Your Favorite Saturday Morning Cartoon?

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Saturday morning cartoons were a staple of life that future generations will never know about. Just look at how we watch TV now — you can binge full seasons any time of day or night from your phone, a tablet, your computer. There's no need for a kid to wake up at 8 a.m. on a Saturday and rush downstairs. They could watch all the Ninja Turtles they want on their iPhone at midnight. You can't really express how much fun it was to someone who has never experienced it, either. It's a ritual that will be lost to time like going to the well to get some water or waiting for the milkman to drop off some fresh, new bottles.

But hey, things change, and that's how the world is supposed to work. Still, never hurts to look back and remember how much fun things were. Grabbing a bowl of Frosted Flakes and sitting yourself down right in front of the screen so you could spend a couple of hours watching everything before your parents even woke up. Now that was a Saturday morning.

Think we can guess which cartoon it was that you were looking forward to the most every Saturday? There's one way to find out. Take the quiz and see!

What time did you head downstairs on a Saturday to start watching cartoons?

What was your go-to sugary cereal on a Saturday morning?

Was it just you watching cartoons or did you have company?

Strictly speaking, did it even matter what cartoons were on?

How long did you get to watch cartoons for on an average day anyway?

Was there ever a time when there were no cartoons on?

Do you ever watch anything now that you watched back then and think it's terrible?

What cartoon seemed super popular that you didn't really care for at all?

Lots of old cartoons are getting remade as live-action movies. What cartoon do you think needs the movie treatment?

Did you freak out if you missed your cartoons for any reason?

Cats have been a staple of cartoons for about as long as cartoons have existed. Who's the best cartoon cat?

You can't talk about cartoon cats and not mention cartoon dogs! Who's your favorite?

If you're planning on watching a movie, what genre do you think you'll choose?

How did you settle who got to have control of the TV remote in your house?

Did you ever watch old black and white cartoons?

"Transformers" and "He-Man" were actually made specifically to sell action figures. Did you have the toys to go along with your favorite show?

In general, did you lean towards the more serious cartoons or the goofy ones?

How old were you when you stopped watching cartoons?

Who was the best cartoon villain of all time?

What else did you typically do on a Saturday when you were a kid?

Now that the Saturday cartoon era is over, what do you do with your Saturday mornings?

Generally speaking, do you think things were better back in the day or are they better now?

Did you have a lot of friends when you were growing up?

How often did you have sleepovers as a kid?

Ever catch your parents watching cartoons on their own?

Did your parents ever forbid you from watching certain cartoons?

What's the best animated movie of all time that wasn't made by Disney/Pixar?

What's your current favorite animated show?

What did you used to do on Sunday morning?

What was more fun — Saturday morning cartoons or video games?

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