Can We Guess Your Favorite NFL Team?

Steven Miller

Image: Wiki Commons by SAB0TEUR

About This Quiz

By taking a look at how you prepare for a game and who your favorite players of all time are at some key positions, we think we can name the pro team you pull for.

How many Super Bowls has your team won?

How many layers are you wearing to the game?

Which coach do you admire the most?

Which team do you just love beating up on?

Which part of the country are you from?

What time do the Sunday NFL games start on TV where you are?

Which quarterback do you like most?

What are your team's chances of winning the Super Bowl this year?

What aspect of the game do you appreciate the most?

Which team do you worry about the most when you see them on the schedule?

Which all-time great defensive player do you like the most?

How hated would you say your team is by others?

Which stadium would you rather see a game at?

Which kicker do you like best?

Which all-time great receiver do you like the most?

How long has it been since your team's last Super Bowl win?

Which division is your team in?

Which weather forecast is most likely for your team at home?

Which color combination are you wearing on game day?

Which all-time great tight end do you like the most?

Which is most likely to be true after a game?

Which radio announcers would you rather listen to?

Which offensive play do you like the most?

Which all-time great quarterback do you like the most?

Which all-time great running back do you like the most?

Which tailgate foods are most likely being served at your spot?

Which team do you hate the most?

What was the most heartbreaking loss in your team's history?

Which team owner do you like the most?

Which item best relates to your favorite team?

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