Can We Guess Your Favorite Kind of Pizza?

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EVERYBODY LOVES PIZZA! Why? Because there's one out there for everyone. Don't eat cheese? There's a pizza for you. Don't like tomato sauce? You can use pesto. Guten free? There are pizzas for that too. So it's really easy to see why this Italian delicacy is a major culinary necessity not only in the United States but around the world. 

It is a traditional Italian classic whose main ingredients include a crust or flatbread, tomato sauce, and cheese. When you've ensured that those basics are present, you can do whatever you like to your dish. You can add more cheese for the extra cheesiness; you can add seafood if you're weird like that or you can go the ultra-popular route and add some pepperoni. 

Today, we're making it our business to guess which pizza is your favorite. Now with so many kinds of pizzas available, you may be asking yourself how we could do such a thing. This is where our questions come in. Answer them as honestly as possible, and we'll be able to do just that. And not only will we correctly guess your favorite, but we're also going to tell you something about yourself; whether you know it or not is a different story.

So if you think we can correctly guess what kind of pizza you love the most, come take this quiz. 

How long have you had a loving relationship with pizza?

What's your favorite part of the dish?

For your average pizza order, how large do you go?

How many toppings do you usually get?

Which of these herbs or spices do you love on your pizza?

Which drink do you ALWAYS order with your meal?

What is your bill usually like?

If you were having the best pizza of your life and someone asked you for a piece, would you share?

Does the five-second rule apply when it comes to your pizza?

If pizza crust wasn't available, what would you use?

Would you ever try a gluten free pizza?

When you're making your pizza, what kind of cheese do you use?

Who helps you make the pizza?

How long do you leave it in the oven?

Be honest. Does it always taste good?

Let's keep the Italian food thing going. Which pasta dish is your favorite?

If you had to try a classic Italian meat, which would it be?

And which dessert would you attempt to make yourself?

France may be known for wines, but Italy has some great ones too. Which of these Italian reds would you love to try?

But for us coffee lovers, which one would you order in a heartbeat?

Which Italian city would you visit?

Where would you stay?

What's the first thing you would do there?

Which typical Italian stereotype do you believe?

Do you have Italian family members?

Besides all this Italian food, what kind of cuisine is your favorite?

Would you say that you're an outgoing person?

Do you enjoy what you do for a living?

What do you want to do more of?

Which part of your life is thriving the most right now?

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