Can We Guess Your Favorite Football Team?

Mark Lichtenstein

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In all professional sports, there is nothing more rabid than a football fan. Maybe it is because the regular season only consists of 16 games. Or perhaps it is because of the ritual of kicking back and watching on a Sunday afternoon whether you are alone or with some buddies. Or maybe it is because NFL football is just ridiculously cool, but so many of us watch our favorite team play pretty much every week.

But what is your favorite team? Of course you probably just root for the team closest to you, but that isn't the way it always goes. You could be someone who grew up in the heart of Patriots country, and root for the Bears. How insane would that be?

But speaking of the Patriots, they have been so good they now have tons of fans all over the world, just like other great teams like the Dallas Cowboys or the New York Giants. And speaking of the Giants, if you live in New York, do you follow the Giants or the Jets, or maybe you even have a thing for the Buffalo Bills? So many teams, so many questions. Take this quiz, and we will see if we can guess who your favorite team is.

What is the point of playing a sport?

What is the virtue nurtured by playing a sport?

What is best about American football?

Who is the greatest quarterback of all time?

Which war strategist do you admire the most?

What part of the country are you from?

Do you mind being the bad guy?

How do you define an underdog?

Do you root for the underdog?

How do you feel if your team just barely loses?

How do you feel when your team gets totally blown out?

How do you feel when your team is way behind when halftime is called?

How do you feel when your team manages to win by one point?

How do you feel when your team wins by a huge blowout?

How would your fandom react if your team won the championship?

How do fans of other teams view you?

How do you view the New York Giants?

How many Super Bowl rings does your team have?

How many MVPs does your team have?

What brand beer do you like to drink at games?

What do you bring to a tailgate?

How much do you have to bundle up for home games?

Does your team's local fanbase have a baseball team worth rooting for?

If you had to root for a European soccer team, which one would it be?

Assuming you don't root for the baseball team corresponding to your football team's hometown, which baseball team do you root for?

Did you ever play football growing up?

If your team lost three seasons in a row, would you change your allegiance?

If your team became the perennial champions, would that change your view of them?

What are the odds they'll blow it this year?

Does your team have any famous players who are bad people?

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