Quiz: Can We Guess Your Favorite Color?
Can We Guess Your Favorite Color?
By: Steven Miller
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About This Quiz

You probably never thought that your morning routine or your ideal Saturday night plans would be connected to your favorite color. However, it seems that there are some theories out there that connect specific personality characteristics to a person's hue of choice. We're not saying this is necessarily all that scientific, but it should make for a fun experiment!

For example, if you are someone who is focused on stability and security, green is supposed to represent your safety-seeking soul. Additionally, if you're all about spending time in nature and consider yourself to be a staunch environmentalist, we're even more likely to settle on this as our guess.

Maybe you're more of a loving and artistic person. If your favorite holiday is Valentine's Day and you have a huge circle of those that you love and care deeply for, pink seems like it might be a good fit. If you'd consider yourself to be a nurturing, motherly figure, then this color continues to move up our list for you.

The possibilities are endless--or at least as endless as that coveted 64-count box of crayons from your youth! Let's spin the color wheel and find out where your personality lands with our color quiz.

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What is your usual mood?

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How would you describe your love life?

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What is your favorite holiday?

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Of the following, which career path fits your personality the best?

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If you had to watch one of the following sports, which would you choose?

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Which setting is closest to the environment where you live?

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