Quiz: Can We Guess Your Favorite Classic Pickup Truck?
Can We Guess Your Favorite Classic Pickup Truck?
By: Ian Fortey
Image: schlol / E+ / Getty Images

About This Quiz

The pickup truck has a bit of a weird history in America.  The first "true" truck didn't roll off the line until 1925. That said, farmers had been hacking apart their Model Ts for years by that point to make it more convenient for them to haul things around. The pickup truck was really a vehicle born from necessity and good, old-fashioned ingenuity. Ford and other companies just hopped on the bandwagon afterward. 

It was a good thing they did, too. So many of the trucks that have been produced over the years have been marvels of engineering. Sure, not every truck has been amazing, but some of them are pretty much unforgettable. If you like trucks at all, you definitely have at least one favorite model from yesterday you'd absolutely love to get your hands on.

With nearly 100 years of pickup truck history behind us, we have no doubt that there's one truck out there that caught your eye more than all the other ones. One truck that speaks to you on a primal, V8-powered level. One truck that is far and away your favorite classic truck of all time. Answer a few questions for us and we'll be able to guess just what truck it is.  Take the quiz and see!

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