Can We Guess Your Favorite Baseball Team?

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There are few baseball teams more loved and more despised than the New York Yankees, and since 1901 they have amassed one of the most prolific winning percentages in any sport. They have also featured several of the greatest lineups the world of baseball has ever seen. Are they your favorite, or do you spit on the hallowed ground of Yankee stadium?

So, if you don't cheer for the Yanks, then who do you root for? Is it the other East Coast favorite Boston Red Sox? Or the turbulent up and down history of the fabled Chicago Cubs and their storied Wrigley Field, arguably one of the most beloved venues in baseball. Maybe you prefer the West Coast and the Giants, who've had a tumultuous 2000's which saw both a dynasty and falling out within a matter of years.

Your favorite team might have been who you grew up with or a favorite player. Or is it their style of play? Do you like to watch the long ball, or cheer for a pitcher heading into the ninth running on a no-hitter? Do you love baseball traditions, or do you love to hate your teams rival more than you love your own team? 

It takes a lot to choose your favorite baseball team but once decided, they are a team for life. Answer these questions about you and your favorite sport, and we'll tell you who your favorite baseball team is!

Which famous big league manager do you admire the most?

When was the last time your team won the World Series?

How many aces does your team have in their pitching rotation?

What sport is your favorite besides baseball?

Is your team currently more known for their pitching/defense or their offensive production?

Do you prefer pitchers hitting or designated hitters?

Which baseball game tradition do you like the most?

Which ballpark food do you like the most?

Which game would you rather attend?

Which is your team's biggest rival?

What are your thoughts on intentionally hitting a batter with a pitch?

What part of the country do you like the most?

If you go to a game, what inning do you usually arrive by?

What colors are you most likely wearing on game day?

Which baseball announcer do you like the most?

Which memorable moment sticks out the most for you?

Did your team win their division this past year?

Do you usually listen to the game on the radio, watch it on TV or attend the game in person?

Have you seen the Ken Burns documentary, "Baseball"?

Which kind of pitch do you like the most?

Which skill do you think it most vital to your team's success?

Which jersey number is most appealing to you?

Have you ever been to Cooperstown?

Which film about baseball is your favorite?

Do you watch the Little League World Series every year?

Which rare baseball achievement would you rather witness?

Do you prefer the American or National League?

Have you ever collected baseball cards?

Which song would you rather have playing as you walk up to hit?

Which Hall of Fame great do you like the most?

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