Can We Guess Your Education Level From The U.S. States You Know?

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WHERE IN THE USA IS CARMEN SANDIEGO? Today she's joining you on a trip around the entire country! While it's easy to know that there are 50 states in the United States, do you know all of them? Take this quiz, and we'll guess your education level from how many you know!

The United States has a long, long history, and it begins in 1776. This started when the original 13 colonies decided to declare independence from Great Britain, to become their own country. At the culmination of the American Revolutionary War in 1783, the United States was born. With it came the Constitution and the first few states that ratified it. What began as Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey in 1787 would grow to 50 states, including the addition of Alaska and Hawaii in 1959. What about all the states in between? Do you know them? How well?

While you might know that Utah's capital is Salt Lake City, do you know what religion is associated with the state? As one of the original 13 colonies, you might know that Connecticut is one of the first states, but do you know which year they ratified the Constitution? Could you name the capitals of Montana or Alaska? Let's hope so!

There's a lot of history and knowledge that comes with the 50 states! Test your knowledge and we'll take a guess at your education level! Have you had some college experience or should we call you Dr.?

Get ready for the pomp and circumstance!

What religion is associated with Utah?

How does Delaware compare in size to the other states?

What famous movie is set in Kansas?

What's the most delicious destination in Pennsylvania?

Who is the famous novelist that comes from Alabama?

What's the capital of Montana?

Iowa is the nation's top producer of which two crops?

What's the capital of Alaska?

The state of Georgia was named after what famous person?

What's the state fruit of New Jersey?

What's the state bird of Arizona?

What makes Vermont cheddar so unique?

What is the state meal of Oklahoma?

What Mississippi state flower is also the state tree?

What's the state flower of Arkansas?

California's famous attraction, Disneyland, was built on a field of what?

What is the meaning of the word "Colorado"?

When did Connecticut receive its statehood?

What's the state bird of Florida?

What pretty symbol is on Hawaiian license plates?​

What famous Golden Age of Hollywood actress is from Idaho?

What is the state flower of Illinois?

Which of these is a real city in Indiana?

What famous fighter is from Kentucky?

What's the state bird of Louisiana?

Maine is considered to be the setting for what children's book?

What innovation began in Maryland?

What's the state flower of Massachusetts?

What was the failed tourist destination of Michigan?

What famous rock star is from Minnesota?

Missouri is the home of what food invention​?

What's the state gem of Nebraska?

What is the one destination in Nevada that is NOT appropriate for spring breakers?

What's the state sport of New Hampshire?

What is the state tie of New Mexico?

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