Can We Guess Your Body Type?

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Your body type may vary from your friends, the person sitting next to you or even your own sister! That's the beauty of humans. We all come in different shapes and sizes. Yet, there are four body types that are categorized as the main types: hourglass, pear, apple and straight. Which one are you? 

Whatever your body type, we all need clothes. As the saying goes, "no shirt, no shoes, no service!" Have you ever put on a pair of jeans and all of a sudden you feel like a supermodel? Did you do a fun dance to celebrate? It's amazing just how easy it is to play up our strengths with our fashion choices. The confidence our clothes can give us can change our day and our mindset.

So here's the question: can we guess your body type solely based on your preferences in clothing? Perhaps. We're willing to bet we can figure it out even after only five of the questions on this quiz. Don't be shy. You already know you look like a million bucks - we know you do. Now take this quiz, answer questions about your closet, and have some fun dancing through the questions along the way!

Which bathing suit style do you prefer to rock at the beach?

Do you know what an "empire cut" is?

What's your favorite kind of shoe to wear?

Those jeans you dance in, what's the style of them?

A casual day has you rocking a T-shirt. Is it V-neck or crew?

Do you love to twirl in skirts?

Scarf, necklace, hat or no accessory - what's your choice?

Do you have any button-down shirts in your closet?

What's your favorite color on you?

Do you have a go-to style of belt?

Are you big on patterns?

What kind of stripes would you want on your tops?

Short or long sleeve?

What kind of pajamas do you wear?

How often do you wear turtlenecks?

How many "Christmas sweaters" do you have?

Do you like shopping for bras?

Will you wear flip-flops?

Do you dig those Birkenstocks?

How about those thigh-high boots - will you rock them like Michelle Obama?

How do you feel about yoga pants?

What's your favorite store to shop at?

Which Marvel character do you look like the most?

How big is your purse?

What kind of hat would you wear?

Will you wear khakis?

Which celebrity do you resemble the most?

What's your favorite kind of jewelry to wear?

Why would you want to wear a pair of glasses?

How awesome are mini-skirts?

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