Can We Guess Your Birth Month Based On These Questions?

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We'll try and narrow in on when you came into this world. Answer a few of our questions. They'll seem totally unrelated to when you were born, but are they?

Which season is truly your favorite?

How many of your friends attended your birthday party as a child?

Which word best describes your love life?

Which kind of music do you like the most?

Which article of clothing are you most likely to wear on your birthday?

Which form of transportation fits your personality the best?

Which option sounds most like your dream?

Do you have any pets?

What time of the day are you at your best?

Were you more towards the oldest or youngest students in your class in school?

Does your birthday coincide with the time you head back to school?

Are you an athletic person?

Which famous person do you relate to the most?

Are you an organized person?

Do you do more of your shopping online or in stores?

Which kind of restaurant would you rather go to?

How good of a singing voice do you have?

Which phobia is strongest for you?

Are you more active or sedentary?

Which car would you most like to drive?

How healthy is your diet?

Which is closest to your career?

Which holiday is closest to your birthday?

Has your birthday present ever been combined with your Christmas present?

Do you tend to follow your heart or your head?

Which sport do you like the most?

Which continent best fits your personality?

Which catchphrase best fits you?

Which weather event is most likely to happen on your birthday?

Who is your biggest role model?

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