Can We Guess Your Biggest Driving Pet Peeves?

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Everyone thinks they're a good driver, but we know the truth: you are the only person who is totally right about it. All the other drivers are on a spectrum that starts at tolerable and descends into the murky depths of outright dangerous.

We can broadly agree on what makes a driver flat-out dangerous. Anyone who drives way over the speed limit, pays no attention to the road or disrespects the concept of drunk driving is dangerous. Indeed, many of us know that the most dangerous driver, statistically speaking, is anyone who hasn't had a good night's sleep. However, exhaustion is about as bad for your reaction time as chugging a great many drinks.

Still, while we all know who's dangerous, we disagree on who is the most annoying - and it's entirely possible that one person's annoying is another person's idea of a marvelous driver. After all, some of us insist the rules should be obeyed no matter what, while others are certain that going at the speed limit when everyone else is going 10 mph faster is quite risky. Some of us always take advantage of a gap, while others give way constantly. Some of us are very careful about never glancing at our phones, while others do sneak a peek when stopped at a light. It's all a matter of preferences and habits - and until self-driving cars have us all napping on the road, the drivers who trigger our pet peeves are here to stay! Let's find yours!

Everyone is going a little over the speed limit. Do you go along?

What's your worst driving fear?

Are you a very punctual person?

How clean is your car right now?

What do you drive?

Do you feel safe when you're just a passenger?

What's the worst accident you've ever been in?

Have you ever lost your no-claims bonus?

How did your car come into your life?

What is the reason behind the highest portion of your journeys?

What's the dumbest accident you've ever had in a car?

You notice the last parking spot in a parking lot. How do you get into it?

Be honest: how many maneuvers do you usually need to parallel park in a normal-sized space?

What's the most annoying reason you've ever been ticketed?

Another driver is annoying. What do you do?

You have chapped lips while driving, and it's really uncomfortable. You have balm in your pocket. What do you do about fixing it?

How do you listen to music in the car?

Have you ever taken away a person's key because they were not fit to drive?

What is the silliest type of car to own if you live in a suburb?

Other than safety, budget and fuel efficiency, what is the most important characteristic in choosing what car to drive?

What decoration or special object do you have in your car?

Where do you park your car at night?

What kind of road is your least favorite one to drive on?

Would you rather get up really early to avoid rush hour, or just go in later?

If all vehicles were self-driving, how would you spend your driving time?

What is your least favorite thing about car ownership?

What is your proudest driving moment, in terms of getting out of danger?

What feature that doesn't exist would you like to add to your car?

If it was the rule that everyone's car had to have their actual phone number on it, what would you say to other drivers?

Have you ever deliberately screwed with another driver, and if so, how?

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