Can We Guess Your Age From Your Answers to These Disney Questions?

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From their first studio release in 1937, the Walt Disney company has had almost a century long career producing films. From  the Pre Golden Age's Steamboat Willie to The Golden Ages Pinocchio to The Silver Age's Alice In Wonderland  fast forwarded 60 years to the present or what some people call the Revival Era. Disney has shown the world with over 100 movies that they are a force to be reckoned with. 

Disney had many children around the world dreaming of a place where all things can come true, which led him to build a series of themed and amusement parks trying to bring his vision and life's work to the real world.

Can we correctly guess your age based on the type of movies that you watched and the characters who you fell in love with? Did you watch the movies that came out around the time that you were growing up? Were you an old soul watching the classics or were you most excited by the newer films. There is only one way to find out and that is by taking this quiz. When you're done, share it with your friends to see if we can guess theirs as well. 

Your favorite Disney-Pixar collaboration was…

Which Disney princess would you go partying with with?

Which prince would you want as an older brother?

Which castle would you like to call home?

Pick another song, one which you would sing in the shower?

Which sidekick would you love to call your best friend?

Which sibling duo reminds you of your own family?

The song that immediately downloaded when you hear it was…

Which scene do you think was the saddest?

Which character would you dress up as for Halloween?

The live action movie that was your favorite is...

Which movie do you own on DVD/VCR?

Which of these scenes was the scariest?

The movie which had you hooked on Disney was…

Which villain did you dislike most?

How much magic can you tolerate?

Your childhood pet was most like…

Which movie series was your all-time favorite?

Which love story do you want yours to be like?

Which treat would you have if you went to a Disney park?

Which genre interests you most?

Which of these characters would you swap lives with?

Which theme park did you visit?

Which Disney park ride takes you back to your childhood?

Which Disney channel original movie was your favorite?

Which Disney video game did you own?

Which of these words best describes your favorite types of characters?

How old were you when you stopped watching Disney films?

Complete the classic Disney line; “If you can ________ it, you can do it”.

Do you want to build a snowman?

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