Quiz: Can We Guess Your Age by the Words You Use?
Can We Guess Your Age by the Words You Use?
By: Teresa M.
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Some people believe that age is just a number, but others think it's a reflection of their life experience. No matter how old you feel at heart, the calendar does not lie. Once we learn about the words you use in your everyday speech, we think we will be able to guess your years of experience accurately. 

While some slang words come back and recycle themselves, other slang words are a true indicator of current times. The trouble is - we won't be able to tell if you use words like "turnt" because you learned it from your teenager or because you are a teenager. Instead of relying solely on slang to give away your age, we will present a few fill-in-the-blank sentences, ask you what you call everyday items, and examine the way you respond to a few random questions. 

As we go through the quiz, choose your words carefully but remember to be yourself. Only your truest responses will result in an accurate age reading. Though, we are quite sure we'll get it right merely by learning which words you use to communicate with the world around you. Articulate yourself, and we will take our best guess!

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