Can We Guess Your Age From a Vocabulary Test?

Emily Maggrett

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Is your vocabulary letting you down? Whether you want to appear more mature than your age or trick a hot date into thinking you're a little younger than the date on your birth certificate, it's important to note that your vocabulary is just as powerful an indicator of your age as the condition of your skin. 

For instance, if your vocabulary is fairly limited, it may make people think that you're rather young or not very literate. On the other hand, nothing goes stale as quickly as slang does, meaning that using the slang terms of your youth, such as "gnarly' or "tight", can make you seem old and unfashionable before your time. 

In this quiz, we're going to ask you to interpret a number of words, from difficult GRE test words to Gen Z, Gen X, baby boomer and millennial slang. We'll also ask you about several idiomatic phrases, some of which may have been popular in your day, others of which may sound like total gibberish to you. By the end of the test, we'll have determined the exact generation you're from, down to how old you are. Your results will help you understand how old you sound to other people, which will be useful if you want to change your perceived age. Ready to find out more? Let's get quizzing!

At a local gallery, you discover an incredible digital art piece. You want to praise it. What's another word for "cool"?

Your best friend tells you that her manager lambasted her. What does "lambast" mean?

You've just had one of the most delightful days of your life. What's a slang synonym for "delightful"?

If you wanted to call your new husband handsome, you'd say he was ______

The holidays took up a lot of your energy and your home is a disaster. Can you think of a synonym for "messy"?

Do you know what "all hat and no cattle" means?

Which of these words means "practical"?

If you wanted to hurt your ex-girlfriend's feelings, which of these words would you call her?

Your grandmother asks you to "chew the fat" with her. What's she talking about?

What does "vitriol" mean?

If your 9-year-old son says something is the "GOAT", what's he saying?

Do you know what a "whale tail" is?

At a party, you overhear your boyfriend calling you his "erstwhile girlfriend". What does that say about how he views your relationship?

What color is "puce"?

If your mom complains there's "a fly in her ointment," what's she trying to tell you?

You think that most millennials treat their pets too tenderly. Would you say that they ______ their dogs and cats?

The sound of a bell suddenly rings out. An elderly man claims it is his "death knell". What does he mean?

A magazine feature calls Gwyneth Paltrow "winsome". Do you agree?

If someone says they're "Gucci," what are they saying?

A gorgeous woman asks you to "trip the light fantastic" with her. Do you say yes?

When it comes to Twitter, what's "the ratio"?

A reviewer claims that Bjork's latest album is "discordant". Are you still interested in buying it?

You need to tell a subordinate not to contradict you in a meeting. How do you warn him?

Your uncle says he'll "catch you on the flip side". What's he on about?

Is it still cool to say "bae"?

You go on a field trip to the park with your English teacher and she praises the "verdant" fields. What's she saying?

A great antonym for "extol" is ...

If a coworker says you really "screwed the pooch," what exactly is she accusing you of?

Are "sick" and "sweet" dad slang or are they still relevant terms?

The opposite of "esoteric" is ... ?

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