Can We Guess Your Age Based on Your Texting Habits?

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About This Quiz

While you don't have to be young to be ducking angry when autocorrect changes your words, we think that your texting habits will give away the number of candles on your next birthday cake. You might not give much thought to the way you text, but texting has become a true art form. Everyone texts differently and your texting style will tell us all we need to know.

Younger generations have had the benefit of always being immersed in technology, while some of us still struggle to connect to AOL. As we go through our texting habits quiz, we'll ask you about the frequency you text, the kinds of things you send, and the people you text most. We will also, of course, need to know about any embarrassing mishaps you might have had along the way.

Answer our questions about your texting habits as honestly as you can stand. We won't LOL at you, but we will be able to figure out how old you are based on your text-savvy skills. All you have to do is tell us how you communicate in our technological age, and we'll figure out how many moons you've been on the planet!

Do you text from your phone, your watch, or your tablet more?

Do you type with both thumbs?

How would you rate autocorrect?

Do you prefer to spell words out or to use abbreviations?

Which emoji do you use most often?

If you were running late for a party, what would you text?

How many times a day do you check for texts?

Do you know what HMU means?

Have you ever sent a drunken text to your ex?

Would you break up with someone in a text message?

Do you ever send sexy texts to anyone?

How do you respond to texts with senders you don't know?

Do you use car technology to text while you drive?

Do you use Siri or Alexa to text?

Which emoji sums up your current mood?

Do you text more than you talk on the phone?

How often do you send group texts?

Do you text a lot of selfies?

If you could text your pet, would you?

Have you ever accidentally sent a text to your boss?

Do you ever text in food orders?

Do you use yr or your?

Can you type faster when you are texting or on a computer keyboard?

How do you feel about long texts?

Do you prefer to have receipts texted to you?

Who would you be most surprised to receive a text from?

How quickly do you respond to text messages?

Have you ever sent a text to call off of work?

Are you more flirty when you text than you are face-to-face?

Do you text during dinner?

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