Can We Guess Your Age Based on Your Taste in Music?

Zoe Samuel

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While many people develop new musical tastes as they age, or fall in love with the songs of another era, most of us retain an affinity for the sounds of our youth. Let us guess what those sounds were for you!

What song structure suits you?

How do you find a new song to listen to?

Do you go to live gigs?

How long is a good song?

How many albums do you own?

Does real music use auto-tune?

How do you feel about disco?

How authentic do you like your feminist music?

Would you consider it cheating to lip-synch a performance?

What musical radio station is your default setting in your car (if you have a car)?

How do you feel about Motown?

Do you miss the golden oldies?

How do you dance to music you love?

How do you store music?

What instrument does the best music include?

How weird should music be?

Do you listen to a lot of music on your own?

Is rap actually music as far as you are concerned?

How do you feel about synth?

Which genre of music is spoiling kids these days?

Which is the greatest band of all time?

Who is Beyonce to you?

What sort of shoes are your dancing shoes?

What's up with hip-hop?

How new does jazz feel to you?

How do you pay for music?

What's top of your Spotify playlist?

What kind of headphones do you use to listen to music?

How do you listen to music?

How many backup singers is enough?

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