Can We Guess Your Age Based On Whether or Not You've Tried These Foods?

Teresa McGlothlin

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About This Quiz

Do you remember how you couldn't stand certain foods as a kid? Yet, somehow, adulthood has made you fond of them. It's strange how our tastes change as we get older. Once we learn about the foods you have and have not tried, we think we will be able to accurately guess your age. 

As we taste our way through this quiz, your palette's maturity will shine through. Granted, we do realize that maturity and age rarely have anything to do with each other. Instead of taking our guess based upon a few specific foods, we are going to look at the overall results of your food-tasting experience. 

When you read our questions, look back through your food history. Also try to remember that trying a nibble of a Brussels sprout counts as actually trying them. We wouldn't dream of withholding credit simply because you didn't find a food enjoyable! There are lots of things we've tried here in the office that only the strange 30-something in accounting seemed to like. 

All you have to do to help us guess your age is tell us whether you not you have or have not tried the foods we ask about. Then, we will correctly guess your age!

Have you ever tried sushi?

What do you think of caviar?

Do you like espresso?

Have you tried bubble tea?

Have you ever eaten a ground cherry?

What do you think of butternut squash?

Have you ever tried frog legs?

Have you ever tried kale chips?

Have you tried cheese curds?

Have you ever tried poutine?

Would you eat chocolate covered bacon?

How do you feel about crab rangoon?

Have you ever tried haggis?

Have you ever tried fish tacos?

Have you ever tried head cheese?

Have you ever tried bleu cheese dressing?

Have you ever tried broccoli rabe?

Have you tried pork belly?

Have you ever tried cottage cheese?

Have you ever tried lotus pods?

Would you ever eat jackfruit?

Have you ever tried mussels?

Have you tried hummus?

Have you ever tried calamari?

Have you tried zucchini fries?

Have you ever tried pimento cheese spread?

Have you ever tried blood sausage?

Have you ever tried eating escargot?

Have you tried a bison steak?

Have you ever tried pineapple on pizza?

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