Can We Guess Your Age Based on Your Taste in Tattoos?

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Not so long ago, the only people you'd see walking around with visible tattoos were sailors, musicians, criminals and maybe the odd circus person.  But most of the polite world would never dream of partaking in such things. Tattoos were seedy and uncouth.  Then the world changed!  These days, people from just about any walk of life have tattoos. From celebrities to CEOs to soccer moms, tattoos are a right of passage for many people. Some of them we get on whims and others we get because they hold a ton of special meaning for us.  There are as many reasons to get tattoos as there are people who are getting them.

Some people only want to get a tattoo if it's a serious affair that holds a lot of special meaning. What nearly any tattoo shows and the people getting them almost always have, is some kind of emotional backstory for the ink they're getting. But by the same token, there's nothing wrong with getting a tattoo just because you think it looks cool.  Whatever the reason and motivation for your ink, we bet we can learn a lot about you from it.  In fact, if you share some opinions on tattoos with us, we'll even guess how old you are. Don't believe it? Take the quiz and see!

Tribal tattoos have been popular for years now. What's your opinion of them?

Is Trash Polka a style you like?

If you were going to get a biomechanical tattoo, where would you get it?

Say you could get any kind of realism tattoo you wanted for free. What would you get done?

Would you ever get someone else's name tattooed on your body?

If you were in the market for an American Traditional tattoo, what would it be?

What culture has the best style of tattooing, in your opinion?

Are new school tattoos your style or not?

If you were in the market for some knuckle tattoos,what would they say?

What would you get tattooed on the inside of your lower lip?

Which celebrity has the best face tattoos?

What's the least painful location for a tattoo?

Do you prefer black and gray or full color?

Do you have a favorite font for written tattoos?

If you were getting an animal tattooed on you, what animal would it be?

What's the one place you'd never get a tattoo?

How many tattoos are you sporting right now?

How many tattoos do you still want to get?

How big is too big for a tattoo?

Do you have a price in mind that you think is reasonable for a decent sized tattoo?

Which style of tattooing do you like the least?

Does a tattoo have to have a detailed story behind it?

What comic book character would you immortalize in ink on your body?

How would you decide on the design for your next tattoo?

Do you want to show off your tattoos or keep them under wraps?

Has fear of pain ever made you want to avoid a tattoo?

Would you ever get a tattoo to memorialize someone who had died?

Would you ever get an inspirational phrase tattooed on yourself?

Suppose you got a tattoo that reminded you of an ex. How would you get rid of it?

How long do you think you could handle sitting for a tattoo?

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