Can We Guess Your Age Based on Your Taste in Food?

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How much attention do you pay to the food you eat compared to the food other people? Have you ever noticed that there are trends just the same as there are in things like music, TV and even clothes? It's true; every generation seems to have their favorites that don't mesh with the generation before or the one before that. Just look at the food grandpa eats when he's left to his own devices. When's the last time you hunkered down for some butterscotch candy or pickled eggs from an unlabeled jar? Your food choices are like a window into the very essence of your being. Heavy, right?  

We're so confident that we can learn everything we need to know about you based entirely on your opinions about food that we'll make you a little wager here. If you answer a few questions about how you eat, what you think tastes great, what you'd rather never try again and what you've never even heard of before, we'll be able to guess precisely how old you are when it's all said and done. It sounds downright magical, doesn't it? Well, maybe a little. But mostly it's food science and some old-fashioned intuition. Take the quiz and see for yourself!

If you want a nice, refreshing drink with some bubbles in it, what do you reach for?

What do you want to eat on your toast?

How often would you say you drink milk?

We're having chili for dinner! What ingredients do you want in it?

If you're going out for a burger, how do you want it?

What do you think is the best way to make use of a potato?

If you're having rice for dinner, how do you want it prepared?

What are you going to do with an eggplant?

What kind of pasta is clearly the best kind of pasta?

You can't have pasta without sauce because that's weird. What sauce is best?

if you're looking to spice up a meal, what kind of hot sauce will you use?

If you're going to be making a sandwich with some cheese on it, what kind of cheese will you use?

What is the single greatest sandwich mankind ever created?

If you're looking to have some eggs for breakfast, how do you like them prepared?

What's the best way to enjoy some onions?

If you're cooking your own hamburger at home, how are you getting it done?

Everyone enjoys a hot dog now and then. What's the best way to top yours?

If it's a cold day and you need a hot beverage, what are you going to have?

Corn is a versatile food. What's the best way too use it?

If you're pressed for time at breakfast, you could always have cereal. Which kind are you likely to grab?

Which vegetable will you go out of your way to avoid eating?

If you have carnivorous tendencies, what meat do you crave most often?

It's time for pie! What kind of pie is the best kind of pie?

What's the best fast food restaurant out there?

When you're in the mood for a piece of fruit, what do you want most?

What's your go-to snack food when you feel like having something unhealthy?

What's your favorite part of a big Thanksgiving dinner?

What kind of cuisine are you most likely to order if you're having something delivered?

What condiment do you need to have in your fridge at all times?

If you're down with carbs, what kind of bready substance are you most likely to eat?

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