Can We Guess Your Age Based on Your Taco Bell Choices?

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The great thing about Taco Bell is that it appeals to everyone, young and old. You can't feel out of place eating a taco because they're delicious no matter who you are. That said, the menu at Taco Bell is a rollercoaster ride of diverse choices, exciting flavors and sometimes just crazy ideas. It's like a fast food map of the human condition. Just trust us on that one. It's got dizzying heights and stunning lows and fulfilling in-betweens. It has bold and spicy and warm and potatoey and cheesy goodness as far as the eye can see. It's laden with treats for your sweet tooth and hefty meals for your hungriest mouths. It's got everything.  

With such an impressive menu and so many choices, we're pretty confident we can pull off an amazing trick here. We just need you to do us a favor and pick over that menu. Tell us what you absolutely love and what you absolutely hate. Tell us what you order time and time again and what you've never even tried once. Tell us everything you can about how you order from the Taco Bell menu and then we, in turn, will tell you just how old you are. It's no parlor trick; it's taco science. Take the quiz and see for yourself!

If you go through the drive-thru, do you ever take what the person at the drive-thru recommends?

One of Taco Bell's most famous menu items ever is the Naked Chicken Chalupa. Have you ever had it?

What's your main reason for eating at Taco Bell anyway?

Why do you pick Taco Bell over a restaurant like McDonald's or Burger King?

Taco Bell knows how to cheese your world. What's the cheesiest item for you?

If you're in a hurry for something quick and tasty, what's the best, simple item on the Taco Bell menu?

Taco Bell brings the spice sometimes. What spicy treat is the best?

It's hard to choose just what to fill a taco with sometimes, but if you had to pick just one filling, what would you choose?

If you were going to throw caution to the wind and try something from Taco Bell you've never tried before, what would you try?

Nachos are delicious any time of day unless they're plain. You need dip! Which one would you pick?

The great thing about a taco is how easy it is to eat with just one hand. What's your favorite menu item that's just too messy to handle one-handed?

What toppings are essential for a good taco to become a great taco?

When you have a hankering for some steak, what's going to sate your hunger?

Taco Bell is nothing if not bold and willing to take chances on a weird idea. Which of their weird ideas was the absolute weirdest of all?

Did you know Taco Bell used to put olives on pretty much everything? What other veggie should they be offering?

What's the best meal to eat when you're going to Taco Bell?

What's the best breakfast item you can get from Taco Bell?

If you're going to Taco Bell, you may as well order a combo, right? Which is the best one?

They always ask if you want hot or mild sauce with your combo at Taco Bell. What do you say?

What kind of food do you think you'd never order from Taco Bell, no matter what?

What is the ultimate breakfast meat to go in a breakfast taco?

What kind of meat is not on the Taco Bell menu that they really need to consider serving?

Taco Bell has a three-cheese blend as well as cheddar cheese and nacho cheese. What other cheese needs to make it to the menu?

You can order food from Taco Bell that goes beyond the single portion you'd expect. Which of these bulked up by the numbers foods sounds best?

Taco Bell tries to offer dessert, even though they only have a few options. What sounds best?

If you are hungry for some chicken, you should definitely order chicken. Which item sounds best?

When you're really craving that seasoned beef, is a little taco enough? Of course not! Which beefy favorite would you choose?

All of these tacos have got to be making you thirsty. What kind of drink would quench your thirst best?

You can sauce up your tacos in all kinds of ways. What sounds the best?

Real talk - how many soft tacos do you think you could devour in one sitting?

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