Can We Guess Your Age Based on How You Feel About These Dating Rules?

By: Haiden Steingass
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Dating isn't what it used to be, kids. Netflix and chill is hardly a first date, and Tinder isn't exactly a sure-fire way to find the one. Does that mean chivalry is finally dead? We think not. There are still men out there who believe in holding open doors for women and saving that first kiss for the second or third date. They may be hiding under a rock, but don't lose hope if you've always dreamt of an old-school love, one where your date meets your dad before you go to the movies for the first time. But it's no shock that these age-old dating rules do not appeal to everyone. 

There is an entire generation of younguns who would rather text each other for a month before spending time together in person. And the mere thought of a crush "leaving you on read" is enough to make you go crazy. We live in a world where the majority of couples meet on dating apps, and becoming exclusive sounds like a myth you only hear about in history books. Maybe it's better that way, but there's only one way to find out what you prefer. Take this quiz and we'll guess your age based on how you really feel about these dating rules. 

Do you think the guy should call back after three days?

What if the guy doesn’t text the girl every morning?

Should the man always open the door for the woman?

Does a man need to ask for permission from the woman’s parents to marry her?

Should a guy get a girl flowers frequently?

How do you feel about sleeping with someone on the first date?

If not the first date, how long should you wait to sleep with someone?

Do you kiss on the first date?

Do you use dating apps to find love interests?

Where is your ideal place to meet a love interest?

What is your ideal first date?

Should a girl text a guy first?

At what point in a relationship would you move in together?

How would you prefer to communicate about conflict?

If your significant other was on his or her phone all the time, what would you think?

When is it appropriate to become "Facebook Official?"

How early in a relationship would you post your first picture together on social media?

How would you let someone know you’re interested in them?

How soon should you become exclusive?

How do you feel about Netflix and chill?

How important is love at first sight?

How do you feel about double texting someone when they don’t respond?

Should the guy pay for the dates?

How do you feel when someone you’re dating or interested in leaves you on read?

Would you stalk someone on social media before going a date with them?

How often do you check this person’s Snapchat story?

How would you want to be notified that your date has arrived to pick you up?

Should you let the girl pick the place for the date?

Would you make them get an STD test before having sex?

Do you care how many people your significant other has slept with in the past?

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