Quiz: Can We Guess Your Age Based on How Much Millennial Slang You Know?
Can We Guess Your Age Based on How Much Millennial Slang You Know?
By: Zoe Samuel
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Hey gurl! GURL! Check out this totally dope quiz rn! Or check back later, whatev. We're good.

If that sounded like a fully recognizable series of English words that hung together in a series of grammatically dodgy but fully comprehensible sentences, then you're probably a Millennial - or at least, you live with one. If not, you might belong to one of the other great demographic cohorts of our time.

Millennials are the generation who came of age in a very strange political period. Born between 1980 and 2000, they are currently between 18 and 37 years old, and that means most of them have had a cell phone their entire life, and have been texting since at least their teens. They are digital natives who may just about remember the dark ages from before, when you had to plan how to meet someone and then just pray they'd show up. As a result, this is a generation that develops and discards slang at a faster rate than before, and whose colloquialisms are very much informed by the internet. Character limits and the rise of the emoji (formerly known as the emoticon) stirred a creative and innovative lexicon that makes very little sense to some, and is the lingua franca of others.

Are you a totally woke Millennial or a more traditional Baby Boomer? Perhaps you're something in between. Let's find out!

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What could you learn from tea?

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What does it mean to be salty?

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