Quiz: Can We Guess Your Age Based on How Many of These Things You Can Do?
Can We Guess Your Age Based on How Many of These Things You Can Do?
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Have you ever seen a 75-year-old who could pull a truck with his or her teeth? Or a 6-year-old who could ball dance like she invented the darn thing? Well, sometimes, age doesn't matter when we're pulling off mental and physical feats. 

But we aren't referring to the jaw-dropping actions that we resilient humans are capable of. We're talking about everyday things that each generation would have known of; trends that we invented, followed or have never even heard of. So tell us whether you can or can't do them, and we'll tell you how old you are (or how old you should be).

Will your capabilities reveal that you are old at heart or that you prefer things from an age long-passed? Will they show that while you do know how to do these things, that you wouldn't because they aren't worth your time or are downright ridiculous? Or will the things you love doing show that you are young at heart? 

The only way to truly find out how old you are is to answer our questions. We're betting that we can hit the nail right on its head with this one. So let's hurry on up and get started.

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