Can We Guess Who You Were in High School?

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No matter what type of high school you attended - public, private, Catholic or military - there were always cliques or social classes which the students fell into. From the first day that you walked down those halls, there were people who you immediately gravitated to and not too long after that, you would be linked to them for the rest of your high school life.

For those of us who didn't go to high school, we should still know what those groupings are because they are portrayed in many of the movies and television shows that we watch regularly. If you were at the top, you were either an athlete or one of the popular girls. There were also the bookworms, the stoners, the scene kids, the foreign exchange students, the art/ drama kids.

Who were you when you were in high school? Were you considered a nobody in the eyes of your peers? Or were you at the top of the social ladder? Were you an overachiever? Or was your main goal to make everyone laugh and distract the class? If you think we can guess correctly, then you should take this quiz!

Did you enjoy high school?

What was your favorite year in high school?

Your teachers would say that you were...

Did the principal know your name?

Have you ever gotten detention?

What kind of grades did you get?

What was your favorite subject?

Did you do your assignments on time?

Which of these clubs would you have joined?

Which of these places would you have gone to on a class trip?

What kind of car did you drive?

Where did you go shopping for your school clothes?

What did you eat for lunch?

Who did you have a crush on?

Were you more likely to be bullied, or be the bully?

How did you spend your Friday nights?

What do you like to do in your free time?

What was your curfew?

Did you listen to your parents?

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

How many friends do you have?

Would you have been invited to a classmate’s party?

Would your parents ever trust you to stay home unsupervised?

Which of these was closest to your superlative?

With whom did you go to prom?

Where did you go to after prom?

What did you do after graduating?

Which of these jobs did you want after high school?

Would you go to your high school reunion?

Which of these words best describes you now?

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