Can We Guess Which State You Live in Based on Your Music Preferences?

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About This Quiz

Hidden deep within your favorite songs, bands, and musical artists lies more about you than you would ever venture to think! In this case, we're going to examine the music you turn up to 11 in order to find out which state you live in. Each answer you choose will get us a few miles closer to your current location. 

You don't necessarily have to live in New Jersey to rock a Bon Jovi t-shirt anymore than you have to reside in Illinois to like Chicago. While loving songs like "Sweet Home Alabama" could mean that you call Birmingham or Montgomery your home, it could simply mean that you love Lynard Skynard. The kinds of clues we are looking for are in the way you get down when the music is blaring.

From region to region, certain customs and preferences become somehow built in. The music you choose will reflect those things, and we will match them with the state you call "Home Sweet Home." Have a music app handy because we are really going to dig into your musical knowledge to make sure we are accurate! 

Let's "Take the Long Way Home," and we'll tell you where you live. We're going to get your state abbreviation right!

Which musical artist would you choose to start a playlist?

Which Bon Jovi song do you like most?

Which Michael Jackson song makes you want to dance?

Which '80s band do you like most?

What kind of rock do you listen to most often?

How do you prefer to listen to music?

What classic rock band rocks the hardest?

Which Taylor Swift song do you know by heart?

How often do you listen to classical music?

Which instrument do you think is coolest?

Which Poison song makes you want to party?

Do you prefer Garth Brooks or Blake Shelton?

Do you have any musical talent?

When legendary guitarist has the best licks?

Which '90s band had the best songs?

Which rock singer has the best pipes?

Which song motivates you?

Which one-hit wonder can you sing along with?

Which of these Dolly Parton songs do you like most?

How do you feel about Snoop Dogg?

Which Tom Petty song gives you the feels?

How do you feel when Salt-n-Pepa starts playing?

Which band has the best sense of fashion?

Which metal band would you most like to see in concert?

Do you prefer The Go-Gos or The Bangles?

Which Beyonce song would you use to end a playlist?

Which song would you use for a workout mix?

Which Beatles song sums up your current relationship?

Which boy band stole your heart when you were young?

Which punk band do you like most?

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