Can We Guess Which Position You Would Play in the NBA?

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While we idolize some of the game's individual greats - Jordan, LeBron, Magic - above any single star, basketball is a team sport.

There would be no MJ without Scottie Pippen's complimentary scoring and strength in the paint, or Dennis Rodman's ability to track down rebounds and loose balls. LeBron wouldn't have been able to bring a championship back to Cleveland without Kyrie Irving's clutch shooting or Kevin Love's outside consistency.

Every championship team in the NBA is really a sum of parts that know where they fit in. The best guys on the team set the tone and direction for the squad - everyone else simply needs to execute on their particular role so that the group can be successful. 

In a real game, the decision on which role you play on the court is made from a combination of your physical attributes, your natural inclinations and your personality. But if you were an NBA baller getting paid the big bucks to hoop with the pros, which position would you be? Give us the rundown on who you are with the following questions, and we'll guess. Let's ball!

You receive the ball on offense about 25 feet from the hoop - is your first instinct to pull up for the shot or dish it to a teammate?

How good are you at draining the long-range three?

NBA teams have a lot of different personalities - how important is it to be a leader on your team?

How skilled are you at cleaning the glass and pulling down rebounds?

Two-way players are most valuable in the NBA - what's your approach on defense?

Behind-the-scenes chemistry is important - how do you handle yourself in the NBA locker room?

Not all stars like the press. How would you handle interactions with the media as an NBA player?

They aren't glamorous, but are still an essential part of the game: what's your free throw percentage?

How do you handle high-pressure situations like clutch free throws or last-second shots?

How important is it for you to be a star on your team, getting massive attention from fans and media?

What kind of food are you eating to give yourself energy before your game?

Does it matter to you if you stay with the same NBA franchise for your entire career?

How well do you get along with younger players on your NBA squad?

Which of these NBA players most matches your personal style?

How good are you at dishing the ball to your teammates to find easy baskets?

What's more important to you - that you played a good game, or that your team won?

No one can be perfect - which of these skills is your biggest liability on the court?

How would you handle a fan heckling you, like they often do to Russell Westbrook and Anthony Davis?

Coaches can help bring a group together - how well would you get along with your NBA head coach?

What's your reaction to losing a close game against a big rival?

How do you approach practicing in between games during the season, given the grueling schedule?

Which of these college basketball powerhouses is your favorite?

Which of the below positions outside of the sport of basketball would you most want to play?

What's your routine to get yourself ready to play at a high level before a game?

Your team just won a hard-fought final and are now NBA champions! What are you doing next?

Your contract is up with your current team - what's your attitude as you become a free agent?

After a long, successful career in the NBA, what do you see yourself doing afterwards?

Would you ever consider playing in an overseas league if it wasn't working out in the NBA?

What's your beverage of choice to keep you hydrated during the game?

Entrances are a big deal these days - what pregame outfit are you rocking as you walk into the arena?

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