Can We Guess Which of Your SO’s Qualities You Love the Most?

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Your significant other might drive you a little crazy sometimes, but they are simply doing their jobs! Underneath all those things they do to annoy you, there are bigger traits that you find simply wonderful. After you tell us about them, their personality, and your relationship together, we think we'll be able to guess the trait you appreciate and adore more than all the others.

Whether you've been together for decades or your relationship is still new, there's one quality that drew you to your partner. There was something you found initially great about them, and we're betting that it stands true to this day. When you read our questions, try to choose the answer that best represents you or your partner. Without your honest answers, we would be unable to get it right!

We're sure you can think of a dozen things that you love about your significant other, but what is the one thing that you cherish about them? Once you give us all the sweet, funny and romantic details, we will let you know what we think! You might love their reliability and their intelligence, but which one do you value more? We're ready to figure it out!

How long have you been together?

What is your partner's sense of humor like?

Which one of you is the messy one?

Who is the better cook?

How do you settle disagreements?

Which of your partner's physical features is most attractive?

How would you describe your SO's job?

What term do you call your partner most?

Which one of you wears the pants?

What is your SO like in the bedroom?

What does your partner do that makes you crazy?

What does your partner like most about you?

Does your SO snore?

Is your partner competitive?

Which one of you is the better driver?

What is your partner like when they are sick?

Which gift would you like to receive from your SO?

Do you have any children?

Who is the funnier one?

Who has the bigger imagination?

Which one of you watches more television?

Is your partner outgoing?

Which one of you pays the bills?

Does your partner take a lot of risks?

How would you describe your SO's dancing?

Does your partner get up early?

Is your partner talkative?

Which one of you eats healthiest?

Does your partner work long hours?

What is your partner's strongest trait?

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