Can We Guess Which Dog Breed Matches Your Personality?

Heather Cahill

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About This Quiz

If you're like a beagle, you might be very friendly and love kids. If you're like a German shepherd, you might be very protective and fight for what is right. It takes many different types of people to make the world go around and many different breeds of dogs as well! The dog breed that you like the most might not be the breed that is right for you, however. What you like is important, but making sure you can handle them and get along with one another is even more important!

Did you know that one of the friendliest dog breeds is a pug? On the other side of the coin, many people believe certain dog breeds are dangerous. Of course, this is not always true! If a dog is well-trained and socialized, it's less likely that it will ever be dangerous or harm anyone. Dogs just want love as we all do! They also have their own temperaments and preferences. When getting a dog, it's important and fun to learn their quirks and ways of life.

Do you think that there's a dog breed that you're most like? You'll have to take the quiz to find out which one you are!

How do you handle confrontation?

What do you like most about others?

Do you believe that all people are good?

When you don't know something, what do you do?

Are you confident?

Which movie genre is the best?

How do you spend a day at home?

Of the following, what is your dream job?

What is your favorite entertainment source?

Do you care about looks or personality?

How do you relax?

What type of dog toy would you like most if you were a dog?

Are you optimistic?

Your best feature is what?

What is your favorite type of weather?

People admire you for your what?

Are you an active person?

Of the following destinations, where would you like to take a trip?

What is your biggest goal?

How do you start your morning?

If you did something wrong, what do you do?

What do you most want to accomplish before you die?

Of the following pastimes, which would you be most interested in trying?

If you could do anything in the world and money was no object, what would you do?

What type of food is your favorite?

Do you tell people how you really feel?

What do you think of children?

Are you calm or hyper?

When you're down, what is the best way to cheer you up?

What makes you happy?

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