Quiz: Can We Guess Which Disney Movie Scared You as a Child?
Can We Guess Which Disney Movie Scared You as a Child?
By: Lauren Lubas
Image: Walt Disney Picutes; Walt Disney Animation Studios

About This Quiz

Disney isn't all cute animals and happy songs. Sometimes, it's about scaring children and scarring their minds ... forever. While nearly every Disney movie has a happy ending (or an ending that is arguably the best possible outcome for the heroes), we often set aside the fact that certain Disney movies have terrifying plots and outlandishly evil villains. Yet, for some reason, we still define Disney as a children's animation studio. We still sit our children in front of the screens as villains kill our favorite characters' parents. We allow them to watch the evil green smoke billow from, well, wherever it billows from, as the villains march across the screen, singing songs about murder and being misunderstood. 

It seems that being afraid of a Disney movie is almost a rite of passage in early childhood. We are meant to be frightened and learn the lessons that heroes learn. We are meant to learn not to touch something or question authority. We are meant to understand that life isn't always fair, but if you try hard enough, you will have your happy ending. However, we all have that one Disney movie that scared us to the point we hated watching it, and if you answer these questions, we'll try to guess which Disney film was your horror movie.

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Which of these things sounds like a fun time to you?

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Which of these books sounds scary to you?

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What is your favorite Disney song?

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What is the worst thing that can happen in a children's movie?

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When you're really scared, who do you call?

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What do you think about the Disney princesses of the 1990s?

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How did you watch Disney movies when you were a kid?

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What can a person do to make you not like them anymore?

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What is the biggest lesson you ever learned from a Disney movie?

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When you were young, did you think that older people were scary?

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Which of these things would make you not get into your car?

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When you're alone, what scares you the most?

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Which insect's life is worth saving?

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If you were a Disney executive, what would you ban from all Disney animated features?

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Which of these movies would you never let your child watch?

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Which of these movies would you want your children to watch?

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