Can We Guess Which Country Best Fits Your Personality?

Brian Whitney

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It is a big world out there, but the thing is there is no doubt that you have a big personality, too. What country would be the best place for your makeup?

How into seafood are you?

Which drink would you have?

Do you like to gamble?

What would you like most?

Where would you like to live?

Are you into art history?

How often do you eat at fine restaurants?

Are you into the beach?

How would you get around if you didn't have a car?

How would you tend to work out?

Your friends describe you as...

You could live without...

Do you mind spending a lot for simple things?

Do you get nervous in new situations?

What would you do on vacation?

You are most comfortable...

What do you like best out of someone that you date?

Do you like kids?

How important is good pizza?

How do you flirt?

Are you into dessert?

What is warm to you?

Do you get mad if someone mistakes you for English?

What are you most likely to wear?

When do you get up in the morning on weekends?

Who is around you the most?

How much do you like beer?

Would you swim every day if you could?

Are you afraid of snakes?

Are you into golf?

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