Can We Guess Which Club You Belonged to in High School?

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Some people say that your school days are the best days of your life - and while it's actually not true that people's life experiences typically peak in their teens (thank goodness), there is a grain of truth in this saying. That's because some of the greatest experiences of your life come from the glory of really finding out who you are and where you excel, and best of all, locating a tribe of likeminded people who not only care about excellence in the same field, but also truly value you for your commitment to and talent for that area. While the lucky find this in elementary school and the less lucky have to wait for college or beyond, the first time many of us find this is in high school.

If you're great at sports, then it's simple: you get that validation by playing on a team. If however, your talents lie in a more cerebral, musical, political, or artistic area, then clubs are where you're going to find what you need. From learning public speaking and debate to unlocking the marvels of mathematics to making movies to playing in a band for the first time, it's a magical moment when you realize you've found Your People. They may not look like you, but they have a heart that speaks to yours.

Can we guess where you found your high school tribe? Let's get started!

How academically smart were you?

How cool were you?

Were you bullied a lot in high school?

Did you always know what you wanted to do when you grew up?

Are you a sensitive soul?

Could you have been on a sports team if you wanted to?

Did you run for student council?

What industry are you in now?

How did you pay for college?

What's the main reason you were bored in school?

Did you generally like high school?

How much would you need to be paid to go through it again, knowing what you know now?

How much effort did you typically make to look good on a normal school day?

How did you normally get to school?

What sort of school did you attend?

How ambitious were you as a kid?

Did you have a sibling at the same school?

Were you ever a slacker?

Did you have to do summer school?

Did you ever play truant?

How often did you turn in homework late?

How were your grades, overall?

Did you get along with the teachers?

Were you in a clique?

Was your social life primarily centered around school?

Which class did you like best?

If you were smarter than a teacher, did you let on?

Did you have a tutor?

Did you have a job during school?

Were you a "good kid"?

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