Can We Guess Which Classic Book Was Your Favorite?

Olivia Cantor

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So many books, so little time! What kind of books do you love reading?

Not all books are for everyone, of course. That's why the categories are there - to help you find the one you need, the one you want, or the one that maybe calls to you.

And what kind of book indeed calls you? What resonates with your being? What catches your fancy at the moment? Is there a feeling of nostalgia, a feeling to re-live the past, to revisit old haunts in your mind via the pages of these books? We don't need any fancy machines to travel through time since our memories and the books will go hand in hand to take us there, and everywhere for that matter! 

That is what certain types of books do to us. They're mostly of the fiction type, but of course, the nonfictional ones also do that trick, especially autobiographies and memoirs. Since they're real-life recollections of the past, you can definitely relate to that. But that's also where the power of fiction comes in, especially with classic novels written a long time ago. There's a reason why they are called classics: because they transcend the test of time.

Do you think you can resonate more with these classic books? We picked at least four here to choose from. And, depending on your responses, we'll guide you as to who you are, according to these novels. Curious? Open up and find out!

Are you scared of people who have names like Injun Joe?

Do you like sailing out to the sea for long voyages, on a ship with a crew you don't all know?

Are you appreciative of characters starring very old men?

Have you been kicked out or expelled from a school before?

Do you like playing hooky from school, and thinking of ways to not get caught?

Are you okay with being cooped up in just one place for many weeks?

Do you believe in the concept of having a long streak of bad luck?

Can you face your parents directly to tell them that you got kicked out of school?

Are you game to go treasure-hunting for gold?

Would you call a dare to catch a deadly creature, in exchange for big money?

How do you feel about a small town that’s big on gossip talk?

Do you have a strong resentment for people who are labeled as a “phony?"

Would you get scared if you saw someone murder someone?

Would you follow a leader blindly, even if his quest is deadly?

If you were a kid, would you be willing to still apprentice under someone that everyone sees as bad luck?

Do you spend time hating on your older siblings?

Do you go on adventures without telling anyone, to the point that they’ll think you’re missing already?

Are you the kind of person who goes on a huge venture into the unknown, in the hopes of getting paid handsomely?

Are you a fan of fishing stories, or stories about people fishing?

Do you feel bad when you discover that a guy you know will be dating a girl you really like?

Are you good at "convincing" people to do errands for you?

If you’re the only one who disagrees with a leader, are you the type who will stand up defiantly, no matter what?

When you were a kid, did you have a special affinity for senior citizens, like going out of your way to help them?

Are you the kind of older sibling who buys gifts for your younger siblings, just on a whim?

Do you like exploring the forests and river areas with your best friend?

Are you adventurous enough to go on a trip without a sure outcome?

Do you like reading stories about people who overcame great odds, or almost did that?

Have you ever felt so consumed by teen angst before?

Are you willing to stand up and speak for the wrongly accused?

Do you like stories set in small, rustic coastal towns?

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