Can We Guess Which City You're From?

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Have you ever noticed that people from a particular place tend to have the same habits, attitudes and sometimes even personalities? Well, the same can be said for major cities. Even though generalizing isn't always the best thing to do, it's undeniable certain cities have people who share the same traits. Today, we want to see if we can correctly guess the city you're from.

So we're going to ask you a few questions about yourself, your hobbies and your life. By the end of the quiz, we'll be able to make a pretty accurate guess as to which city you're from. Will the quiz reveal that you're from New York City? If you're always on the go and you aren't afraid to speak your mind, this may just be where you're from.

Or are you more Los Angeles? If you have a chill personality and you love going to the beach and skating, this may be your city. Or maybe you came from Chicago. If you're tough and your street smart skills are more than above average, this may be where you're from.

All you have to do for us to make a guess is answer our questions. So let's find out which city you're from! 

What is the best chase scene?

The Patriots won the Superbowl. How do you feel?

What's the best cop movie?

Do natives of your town often leave?

What's your dream ride?

What kind of music is your town known for?

What sport matters?

How do you feel about driving?

Who is your favorite "Star Wars" character?

How many cop shows take place in your hometown?

What is the single best thing about your hometown?

It's winter. How do you feel?

It's summer. How do you feel?

Which one you like better: "Godfather" I or II?

Describe your town in one word.

How do you like your pizza?

What's a glass of coke like?

Is street food safe to eat?

What frustrates travelers the most about your hometown?

What top layer do you wear?

What is most likely to kill you in your hometown?

If aliens came to Earth, would they visit your hometown?

How many movies have you seen where your hometown gets destroyed?

Does your city host any big conventions?

Are there a lot of famous people who are actually native to your city?

What is public transport?

What would someone assume is the typical lingo of your hometown?

What's your guilty pleasure TV show?

What kind of shoes do you usually wear?

Where does your favorite comic book character live?

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