Can We Guess Which City You Live In?

Brian Whitney

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About This Quiz

One of the coolest things about America is the diversity of our different cities. Answer these questions and we might not nail where you live, but we will probably come close!

You just got invited to the beach, are you excited to go?

What sounds most fun?

How ambitious are you?

Do you look good in a cowboy hat?

What kind of weather are you used to?

How into hot dogs are you?

Deep dish, or New York Style Pizza?

Do you like the Red Sox?

Can you handle a lot of snow?

Be honest, do you think women look good with big hair?

Have you ever been on a horse?

What do you think about chicken fried steak?

Do you know anyone in the oil business?

What would you do if there was no football?

Where would you get a burger?

Is bigger always better?

How patient are you in general?

What do you do if someone cuts in front of you in line?

How zen are you?

How often do you go to see theatre?

How many people do you know that want to be actors?

How mellow are you behind the wheel?

Do you like to walk to get places?

How tan are you?

How often do you see celebrities?

How often do you eat burritos?

What do you wear most on your feet?

Do you eat healthily?

How much do you worry about the environment?

What expression might you use the most?

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