Can We Guess Which Chevy Truck You Own?

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About This Quiz

We already know that your favorite place to be found is on the open road with the radio blasting and your dog by your side! What we don't know is what sort of Chevy truck you are driving. Once you tell us about your love affair with your truck, we think we can figure it out, though! 

As you cruise through the Chevy truck quiz, we need to gather some information about you and your truck's features. We won't flat out ask you questions that are unique to your model - that would be cheating! We're more interested in the things you love most about your truck, how you use it, and how you would feel if you were forced to downsize to a two-person sports car! We'll even take a look at the ways you keep your truck in good working condition, and how much you know about your truck's engine. 

Once you've filled us in on all the ins and outs of your Chevy truck, we will spill the beans about the one we think you park in your garage. Whether your truck is big or small, we'll figure out which one you drive every chance you get!

Do you ever let others drive your truck?

Do you change your truck's oil?

Does your truck have dual wheels?

What is your truck's favorite feature?

Is your truck front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive?

Does your truck have 4x4 capabilities?

How often do you go off-roading with your truck?

If a friend asked you to help them move, what would you say?

Does your truck have running boards?

Is your truck fuel efficient?

How long have you owned your truck?

How often do you wash your truck?

Is the inside of your truck messy or neat?

What do you like most about driving your truck?

Do you carry a spare tire?

How old were you when you learned to drive?

Where do you drive your truck most?

Would you be as happy driving a sports car as you are driving your truck?

Is your truck your first vehicle?

What would you never want to haul in your truck?

Does your truck have a manual or automatic transmission?

Does your truck have wireless?

Where did you buy your truck?

Have you ever slept in your truck?

How many vehicles do you own?

How did you get your truck?

Would you like to have a bigger truck?

Who usually rides with you in your truck?

How many cylinders does your truck's engine have?

Do you have a nickname for your truck?

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