Can We Guess Which Celebrity Haircut Is Ideal for You?

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About This Quiz

Everyone knows that hair is the ultimate accessory. Whether your outfit is designer couture or effortlessly comfortable and cool, the hair has to go with it, or else the whole outfit might be ruined. It’s not a look if the hair doesn’t suit it perfectly. This is why hair is so important to all of us who want to look our best. 

Whether you love to spend hours combing through your long locks, or you love short and spunky hairstyles with a modern edge, it’s no secret that everyone is obsessed with hair. Many of the most iconic hair moments of all time were worn by some of the world’s most famous faces. Many start whole new trends, causing millions of people around the world to opt for the same or similar hairstyles. 

One recent hair revolution was sparked by Emma Watson, who changed modern hair trends when she sported a super short pixie cut. Now, years later, many women are still rocking them, thanks to her! If you love celebrities and you love their constantly changing hair, see if you can get some real-life hair inspiration and find the perfect celebrity haircut for you with this quiz!

How much time do you like to spend doing your hair every day?

Would you ever rock bangs?

Is there such a thing as hair being too long?

Do you like your hair long enough to put up?

Are you into Instagram fashion and style?

Most of your favorite celebs fall under which category?

How do you prefer to look?

Have you ever cut your hair yourself?

How do you prefer to wear your hair?

Are you a fan of undone hairstyles?

Have you ever shaved your head?

Do you ever straighten your hair?

Which hair style do you dislike most?

How edgy is your style?

Do you own a curling iron?

Do you like your hair big?

Have you ever dyed your hair any unnatural colors?

Which style icon's hair do you like best?

Pick an easy style for a bad hair day:

Which vintage hair accessory do you like best?

How high do you wear your ponytails?

Which braid do you like best?

How long do you like your bangs?

Have you ever had an asymmetrical haircut?

Which do you wish most for your hair?

Of which hair accessory do you own most?

Have you ever used a bump-it?

What is the longest your hair has been in the last 10 years?

How many hair products do you own?

What kind of curls do you prefer on you?

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