Can We Guess Which Car You Drove in 1987?

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If we're being honest, the 1980s are not generally recognized as a classical period in history for much of anything. '80s rock has a bit of nostalgia value these days, but a lot of that may be kitsch. No, the '80s were a maligned decade, full of spandex and neon colors and a lot of cars that were perhaps not the most visually appealing or memorable automobiles to ever take the road. 

At least, it may seem that way at first glance. But the fact is, we tend to look back and remember the worst things very often, or things that look goofy to us through the lens of modern times. But back in the 1980s, a lot of the cars that were being produced were actually pretty exciting in terms of both style and performance compared to what came before. Never forget, in the '80s, they were looking back on cars like the Pinto and the Gremlin the way we're looking back on these cars.

So even if the car you were motoring around in back in 1987 wasn't the sexiest beast on the road by today's standards, there's a good chance it got the job done back then. Answer a few questions about yourself and your driving life, and maybe we can even guess what kind of car it was. Take the quiz and see!

Let's get right to the important stuff. What was your favorite band from the 1980s?

Which of these 1987 movies was clearly worth going to see in the theater?

When you were sitting around at home watching your very bulky 1987 TV, what were you most likely to be watching?

Let's pop a tape into your 1987 tape player and listen to your favorite song of the year. What are we listening to?

What was the most important thing to consider when getting that car you had in 1987?

Who manufactures the car you're driving today?

Did you ever take your car out back in 1987 to cruise around with friends?

What color was the car you were driving around back in 1987?

Did you ever get a speeding ticket in the 1980s?

Consider the entire history of auto manufacturing. Which decade made the best cars?

If you couldn't drive your own car, what would be your ideal way to get around town?

How much do you actually like getting behind the wheel and just driving?

If you had the opportunity, would you ever drive a race car?

Besides a car, what else would you like to get behind the wheel of?

What's your favorite high-tech feature on a modern car?

What company is making the best-looking modern cars?

When you were learning how to drive, what was the hardest thing to master?

What were you using your car for in 1987?

Have you ever been the cause of a car accident, even if it wasn't very serious?

Was there ever a time when you rolled the windows down and turned the music up to show off in your car, even just a little?

Do you feel like your car helped out with your love life at all back in 1987?

Do you wish you still had your car from 1987?

Back in '87. how did you get the car you were driving around?

In the history of film, which car was the absolute coolest car of all?

How important is it to have a lot of trunk space in a car?

How often do you take your car to the car wash?

What's the best way to handle a scratch in your paint job?

Were you taking a lot of long road trips back in 1987?

So what ever happened to the car you drove back in 1987?

How long had you been driving a car by 1987?

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