Can We Guess Which Brand of Truck You Own?

Mark Lichtenstein

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Would you drive a Ford, or would you rather walk? For the most part, people are loyal to the brands they like. When it comes to trucks, it's more like a marriage! From the very first crank of the engine, those of us that drive pickup trucks are dedicated to them for the rest of our lives! It's only natural that your psyche would start to pick up and share some your trucks traits.

Through taking a look at the way you maintain your truck and some of your favorite features, we should be able to get a pretty good idea about the kind of truck you drive. Maybe Ford's toughness has rubbed off on you. Perhaps, Chevy's versatility has wormed its way into your everyday way of being. You might even be as efficient as a Toyota! No matter what you have in common with your truck, it's sure to give you away!

As you speed through the questions and race to the end, give us the response that matches you or your truck the best. When you race across the finish line, we'll be able to tell you which brand of truck you park in your garage! Ready to give us a shot?

How often do you wash your truck?

What do you have to do if you badly dent a panel on your truck?

How much do you rely on high tech in your truck?

Do you haul a lot of cargo in your truck?

Do you tow trailers with your truck?

Do you ever put your family in the truck?

Does your dog ever ride in the bed?

Does your truck bed have hidden cubby holes?

Does your truck have a boot step under the tailgate?

How is the gear shifter in your truck?

How do you feel sitting at the wheel of your truck?

How off road capable is the stock version of your truck?

Is it easy to get in without having to add some kind of optional running boards?

How much power do you have?

How well does your rig handle on the road?

How well does your rig handle off road?

Is your truck cool?

How fancy is your truck's luxury?

What is your truck brand's reputation?

How comfortable is your truck for long drives?

How good is your truck's build quality?

What kind of dog do you own?

What sports equipment do you throw in the back?

How good is your truck if the driver is short?

Would you buy a car from the same automaker?

Other than Nascar, what motorsport do you watch?

Do you have a decoration in your truck?

Do you have a decoration on the outside of your truck?

What kind of mud flaps do you have?

Do you love your truck?

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