Quiz: Can We Guess Which Brand of Truck You Own?
Can We Guess Which Brand of Truck You Own?
By: Mark Lichtenstein
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

The brand of truck you own says a lot about you, so it's reasonable to conclude that your personality says a lot about what brand of truck you drive. Let's see if we can guess your brand of truck.

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How often do you wash your truck?

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Does your truck bed have hidden cubby holes?

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Does your truck have a boot step under the tailgate?

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How is the gear shifter in your truck?

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How off road capable is the stock version of your truck?

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Is it easy to get in without having to add some kind of optional running boards?

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How well does your rig handle off road?

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What is your truck brand's reputation?

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How comfortable is your truck for long drives?

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What kind of dog do you own?

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What sports equipment do you throw in the back?

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Other than Nascar, what motorsport do you watch?

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Do you have a decoration on the outside of your truck?

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