Quiz: Can We Guess Which Base You'll Get to on Your Next Date?
Can We Guess Which Base You'll Get to on Your Next Date?
By: Brian Whitney
Image: RUNSTUDIO / Photodisc / Getty Images

About This Quiz

So you've got a hot date coming up, and you like the person a lot. You're hoping that maybe, just maybe, you can get a little action. But just how much action will you get?  Just about everybody knows the whole "What base did you get to?" analogy when it comes to dating. The whole thing relates to baseball, and you're the batter. How far will you make it around the bases?  First base means that you might do some making out, second base means you might do a little touching above the waist, third means touching in some other places, and we're sure you can figure out what a home run is. 

How far you go on the bases doesn't just depend on your skill and game, it depends on the skills and game of your date as well. Sometimes you get in the batter's box and you just know that everything is going to go well and you're going to knock that pitch right out of the park. Other times you just never feel comfortable at the plate and wind up striking out chasing a slider in the dirt.

Which base will you make it to on your next date? Take this quiz to find out. Batter up!

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