Can We Guess Where You're From Based on the Words You Use?

Teresa McGlothlin

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There's more to your words than what you are trying to say! In fact, we think that seeing the words you prefer to use most will tell us where you are from. Whether you are from Japan or the United States, the words you use are secretly hiding the place you call home. All you have to do is tell us which words come out of your mouth most often.

Although you might not currently live in the country you're from, you have certainly picked up a few words from your birthplace. Either through family or life, you've learned to express yourself in ways that are in line with your culture. With vocabularies being one of the biggest indicators of intelligence, we will learn a lot about you by the words you choose. 

When you read our questions, take a moment to listen to the word choice that pops into your mind. Then, choose the word closest to the word you were thinking. By the time we're done, we'll know more about you than your next door neighbor. Most importantly, we'll know where in the world you are from! Do you think we'll get it right, or will we need a geography lesson?

Which letter does your favorite swear word start with?

Which word do you use when something is awesome?

What do you call French fries?

Do you drink soda or pop?

Which word would you use to describe something that's pretty?

What do you call your backside?

When something is horrible, what do you say?

How would address a young woman?

How do you say "excuse me?"

Which word means "smart" to you?

Do you call it the ocean or the beach?

Which word would you use to refer to a milkshake?

Which word means boy to you?

When someone sneezes, what do you say?

Which term of endearment do you use most?

What do you call your car?

If you goof up, what do you say?

What do you call your backyard?

Do you call it dinner or supper?

Which word do you use to describe anger?

What do you call beer?

What do you call your closest friend?

What do you cover up with at night?

What do you call the thing you wash with?

If someone is mean, what do you call them?

What is the thing you cook on called?

What do you put your car to make it go?

What do you change the television with?

What do you call your grandmother?

What do you use to eat?

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